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Our Grants

The Gurney Charitable Trust has donated over £550,000 to charity over the past 10 years.


Much of this has been granted to smaller charities working locally in Buckinghamshire, Sussex and Cumbria. The Trustees have focused on medical, educational and action-on-poverty charities.


The Trustees have recently set up endowments with local Community Foundations.  These are endowed funds that have been created with the same aims as the Gurney Charity. Grants from these endowments are assessed by professional teams at each of the Community Foundations to ensure grants give the best expected benefit to the local community.


The creation of these endowments has meant that the assets of the Gurney Charitable Trust have reduced substantially since 2014. This means that the Trustees have little scope to make direct grants from the Trust's assets. If you are a charity and would like to request a grant from endowments set-up by the Gurney Charitable Trust, please contact your local Community Foundation in Sussex, Buckinghamshire or Cumbria.

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