Gurney Charitable Trust
Gurney Charitable Trust

The Trust's Aims

" The charity provides public benefit by making donations to charitable institutions or charitable organisations selected by the Trustees mainly in Sussex, Buckinghamshire and the northern area of the Lake District."

Charities seeking Grants

The Trustees have recently created endowments in conjunction with a number of Community Foundations.  These endowed funds' aims replicate those of the Gurney Charitable Trust. Grants made from these endowed funds are decided by the trustees of the relevant Community Foundation, who are advised by an expert team of assessors.


The creation of these endowed funds has meant that the assets of the Trust have reduced substantially and the Trustees have little scope to make grants directly to charities.


If you are a local charity in Sussex, Buckinghamshire or the Northern part of the Lake District, please contact your local Community Foundation to be considered for a grant from endowments funded by the Gurney Charitabel Trust.

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